We understand applying for properties can be timely and frustrating process, we have some tips for tenants that may assist them in being successful when applying.

Tip 1- THE APPLICATION FORM – This would be one of the most crucial parts to applying, make sure that you put as much information as possible on here. Make sure that you have relevant and recent references.

Tip 2- OPENS – When a property manager calls to inform you of an open make sure you can make it (be prompt) and if you cannot try and arrange a person to attend on your behalf. Property managers tend to overlook you if you don’t turn up.

Tip 3- ATTITUDE – When you speak with the property managers ensure that you are polite, if you a rude to them they will most likely not carry on with the application process with you.

Tip 4- CLEANLINESS – Personal hygiene is quite important, they want to see that you respectable meaning you will respect the property. 

To discuss presenting yourself as the best tenant contact our Property Management team on 0887249999 or email us at rentals@malseeds.com.au 

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